Who are we

BLECT is a Web Agency based in Malaysia, founded by Choo Yee, Henry, J and How in the year 2007. Since our establishment, we have been managing web projects of all sorts including corporate web sites, company profiles, online catalogues, e-commerce sites, blogs, online marketing campaigns and many more.

We are Web Project Managers. Our job is to consult, provide creative web solutions and realising them. We love our work because we very good at it and we love it when we put that smile on our clients face.

What is BLECT

BLECT is our acronym of Butterfly Effect. Pronounce the term Butterfly Effect 10 times faster and you’ll get BLECT. Butterfly Effect basically means a slight difference made initially will cause an enormous effect in the later stage. It is an astonishing concept that we have adopted in BLECT.

“We are mere butterflies here to do what we do with good deeds, knowing that the greater good would sooner or later come to sweep us all off our feet. It’s the idea and action that matters!”

Hence our tagline:
“The Future A Flap Away!”