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Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Klang Selangor

  • Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Klang Selangor (Reg. No.: ROS 154)
  • Address: No. 4, Lorong Bunga Raya, Kampung Raja Uda, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor D. E.
  • GIFT HANDOVER DATE: 20th November, 2010 – 4pm
Code Wishes / Needs Status
484 Rice, Milo, Horlicks, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Onions, Potatoes, Garlics, Dhal, Eggs, Margarines, Diapers for Children and Adults (All sizes), Shelltox / Mosquito Coil, Shampoo / Shower Gel/ Body Lotion, Fernleaf Milk Powder, Lactogen 2, Similac LF, Pro-Phree, Nestum, Oats, Condensed Milk, Ribena, Soya Sauce, Ketchup, Toothpaste / Soaps / Toothbrushes  

(For food product, we only accept those with expiry dates not less than 6 months)

A Community Initiative Project by CreatiVision D. C. Sdn. Bhd.