ROLF Rainbow of Life Forces a community initiative project by Creativision Group of Companies

About ROLF

Rainbow of Life Forces or ROLF is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Campaign which is initiated to give hope to all children regardless of race, religion, background and nationality. ROLF brings nations together in mutually supportive relationships when it comes to enhancing the quality of life for children, particularly in mitigating pains and sufferings of the young. ROLF consists of 7 campaigns. They are Blue Ribbon Campaign, followed by Gold, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, and Purple. Each of the campaigns is formed to support and help children in different situation.

ROLF is a facilitator and promoter which supports and assists legitimate charitable organizations in their operation and fund raising programs. As we move forward, ROLF will continue to facilitate and expand our social services to help the less fortunate children in the community. We envision a day when every child in Malaysia who solicits funding from the Malaysian public will get the adequate assistance from ROLF..

In a nutshell, ROLF is about:

  • to provide a voice for children and their families on issues of critical concern.
  • to promote, protect and sustain the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health of the children and their families.
  • to give the children and their families happy memories to share, no matter what the future may hold.
  • to provide glimmers of sunshine and a break from the rigors of the treatment routines.
  • to put some activities back into the children’s lives at a time when normal programs – such as going to school, making friends and playing sport – are not possible…
  • to fulfill the dreams and wishes of children by answering their individual desires.
  • to give the community of different races the chance to grant the wishes of our special children who are underprivileged and disabled.
  • to establish and maintain a complementary working relationship with the medical community.
  • to raise fund to assist programs for chemo / radiotherapy, bone marrow / heart transplant, and other alternative treatment.


  • We make positive Change
  • We try to cultivate Hope
  • We strive for Improvement through continuous learning
  • We make Long term commitment
  • We vow to Do everything right


01 | To form a community website:

This website is created for children and their families. It contains a support group newsletters and a resource library of educational materials. The access is free and open to the public. This website provides a supportive environment for people to share information, to share and express feelings and to learn coping skills.

02 | To promote “A Coin A Day” saving habit

We are not asking for your money. We are asking for your attention and participation. A coin might not seem like much money; however, when you save a coin everyday, the bunch of loose change can add up to a big sum and it will be able to help the children who are less fortunate. ROLF will publicize the emergency needs of children from time to time at The media and legitimate NGOs will help to provide the information of the children who need immediate assistance and attention. ROLF will provide guidelines of how the public can make the donation and help those in need.

03 | To form a ROLF-Social Workforce

ROLF-Social Workforce is created for those with strong desire to help improve the afflicted children’s lives. ROLF provides services to assist children to cope with issues in their everyday life. ROLF’s social workers also include administrators and planners, who develop and implement programs to address issues related to children. We identify associated social problems and suggest solutions. We may help raise funds to support these programs. Public members who are enthusiastic to join our voluntary workforce, kindly
register yourself as “Friend of ROLF”.

04 | To organize All-Star Sporting events as the awareness and fund raising activities

Today’s society is said to be fascinated with celebrities. Mass media are saturated with images of and information about celebrities, and as a result, celebrity figures enjoy high profiles, idiosyncratic qualities, and glamorous images in the eyes of the public. Capitalizing on the public recognition bestowed on them, celebrities frequently appear in activities in association with community services and fund raising programs. With its ability to draw public attention, generate high recall rates, create and differentiate campaign images, celebrity endorsement and involvement in charity work has proven to be a valuable contribution.

ROLF CUP – The All-Star Sporting events will be hosted in this country every year starting from year 2007. The All-Star Sporting events can be any sporting tournaments and games.

A Community Initiative Project by CreatiVision D. C. Sdn. Bhd.