ROLF Rainbow of Life Forces a community initiative project by Creativision Group of Companies

Founder’s Message

adelynRainbow symbolizes Hope. It is a love energy that connects all the kind souls around the world.

Rainbow of Life forces (ROLF) is initiated to give “HOPE” to the marginalized children of all races. ROLF brings people together in mutually supportive relationships when it comes to enhancing the quality of life for children.
ROLF consists of 7 campaigns and they are initiated to help children in different situations. We had kicked off the Blue Ribbon Campaign – the first of our creative collective force of humanity specifically for the betterment of life for children afflicted with cancer; followed by the Orange Ribbon Campaign for Youth Social Responsibility and then, the Gold Ribbon Campaign – Grant-a-Wish on Universal Children’s Day.

It is CreatiVision’s wish that today marks a new hope for more children in Malaysia. We recognize that this hope can only be fulfilled with tremendous contribution from various segments of society. For this major effort, we thank Friends of ROLF for their earnest and keen support to ‘ride the trail’, so to speak, with us. They have committed to be the major supporters and trailblazers for this program.

Hereby, I sincerely express, on behalf of CreatiVision, our gratitude and admiration to all of you. I am also sure that many children and their family members share our sentiment. Together we will make ROLF a success – another small victory for humanity.


千言万语,始终就是没有办法完整的将那些没有家或身患病痛的孩子的心声表达出来。 对这群孩子来说,“梦想”是奢侈的, 生命的不幸往往让他们只能拥有一些生活基本的东西 。对他们来说,新玩具, 新鞋子, 新衣服,看电影,逛超市简直就是遥不可及的事情。这些孩子 可能从来没有机会穿过一件新的衣裳,或走出他们称为“家”的孤儿院。

我们这项社会关怀计划以彩虹命名, 因为我们认为七彩的彩虹是座希望的桥樑,它会把 世界各角落的爱心连接在一起。生命的彩虹发起的意愿就是要将大家的力量凝聚, 然后 把爱和希望带给不幸的孩子们,不分种族, 国籍和宗教。

生命的彩虹是CREATIVISION提倡的社会关怀计划。在我们执行每项醒觉活动时, 我们会尽心尽力的把每个细节做好; 在筹款活动中,我们 则坚持点滴归公的原则,把善款悉数移交给受惠团体。我们也不断呼吁大家, 最好是一家大小, 养成每天储蓄一些零钱的习惯, 然后在适当 的时候将这些储蓄捐出, 帮助不幸的儿童. 身为父母者应该鼓励小孩每天做一件小小好事, 因为这是一种很好的家庭教育,培养孩子成为有 爱心和责任感的人。

我们深信,唯有社会各阶层人士携手参于且无私的奉献,这些不幸的孩童的愿望才会被实现。在此我衷心的感谢大家的支持和参与,我 相信所有小朋友与我的感受一样,衷心感谢您们大家的付出。且让我们共同为博爱精神创造辉煌,也让我们一起替孩子们的天空画出一 道灿烂的彩虹。

A Community Initiative Project by CreatiVision D. C. Sdn. Bhd.